'Bucket Brigade' Sculpture Installed at Roswell Fire Station

The Roswell Arts Fund announced the installation of “Bucket Brigade,” a sculpture by Peter Reiquam, which will reside at Fire Station No. 4, on Old Alabama Road. Opening ceremonies and ribbon cutting will be on April 27, 2017, 8:15 PM, in the evening to allow “Bucket Brigade” to illuminate the event.

The new sculpture will welcome staff and visitors with a work of art that salutes and affirms the rich history of firefighters. The sculpture is based on the familiar, old-time method of fighting fires with a line of people passing water-filled buckets, one hand to the next. “Bucket Brigade” illustrates this same tradition by using a series of buckets as individual frames in a sort of stop-motion animation, like pages of a flipbook. A simulated splash molded from thermoplastic material will appear to spill from the first bucket in the line and a large volume of polymer water, illuminated by LED lights, will appear to be thrown from the largest bucket at the end of the line.

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