ArtAround Roswell Sculpture Tour Shows Essence of Public Art

ArtAround Roswell, an inaugural sculpture tour in the city, will allow visitors to experience artwork while exploring different type of public art.

The Roswell Arts Fund and the city of Roswell present the temporary outdoor art exhibition, which includes 10 sculptures on loan from various local and national artists through December.

The sculptures, which are available for purchase, have been placed downtown, in parks, near the river and other frequently visited areas.

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Rochelle Mucha, Roswell Arts Fund chair, said most residents know public art in the city that was gifted or a project such as the war memorials and Leita Thompson’s garden.

“Most people don’t know the other public art that exists,” Mucha said. “We try to differentiate with public art being a museum without walls and by getting art to everybody, having it talked about and having activities around the art.”

Also, the exhibition’s purpose is to enhance the city’s outdoor spaces and brand the city as an arts destination in the region.

Artist Michael Dillon’s bronze and iron wing mounted on a forged staff entitled “Avian” at Roswell Area Park is the only sculpture off a direct path.

“I have several pieces around the southeast but this was an exciting opportunity for me to come home and bring a piece to Roswell, where I’ve lived for so many years,” Dillon said.

“Roswell has one of the best set-ups for the sculpture tour out of the ones I’ve done so far even though it’s the city’s first one.”

Dillon, who has lived in Roswell for 20 years, was inspired by nature and blacksmithing and metal forming. He used industrial hammers and tools to create the 12-foot high, 300-pound sculpture of solid metal.

“I forge my pieces on a level that really sets me apart from other sculptors,” he said. “I build by myself and I truly believe I capture part of who I am in that work.”

The organization also collaborated with the Department of Recreation and Parks, which requested art in the parks. Mucha said monthly events and contests are set to better engage the community throughout the exhibition.

The Roswell Arts Fund in partnership with the city will host an opening day celebration at the Roswell Area Park playground from noon to 3 p.m. April 16.

The event will take place at 10495 Woodstock Road and include a ribbon cutting, a sculpture tour, crafts games, food trucks and more.

Other cities that have hosted sculpture tours include Columbus, Decatur and Suwanee in addition to places across the country.

The Roswell Arts Fund is an independent nonprofit that collaborates with the Roswell Arts Commission and the city. At the end of the year, the nonprofit will purchase one sculpture as a permanent gift to the city.

In the future, organized tours highlighting information about each piece may be available.


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